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released April 20, 2017

Recorded at 37ft productions in Rockland, MA by Sean McLaughlin, Zach Bloomstein, and Steph Durwin
Mixed by Sean McLaughlin
Mastered by Ian Kennedy
Artwork by Drew McDonald



all rights reserved


daisybones Boston, Massachusetts

dillon, jordan, aj, and lucas

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Track Name: Suburban boys
hello again
not much has changed
I'm still the same
just a bit older

where have you been?
how do you like it?
I'm still the same
just a bit bolder

so youve heard the story
suburban boys with big city dreams
Track Name: Mantra
give me a sign I'll take it
so elated
find myself inebriated
don't tell me I'd like to see it
wisdom whispers from her knees

run run kid
got your shadow on your back
gotta run away now
from the demons of your past
run run kid
got your shadow on your back
gotta run away, run away
Track Name: Jerusalem
let’s buy the big house
down by the cul-de-sac
up on the hilltop
next to the train tracks

la da da da da

wide smiles of yellow teeth
white lies and teenage dreams
live fast but kill me quick
I know I’m just a piece of $#@%

let's buy the fast car
and make a getaway
you man the big guns
I'll count the cash we made
Track Name: Weak
wide awake my eyes are weak
with bloody nose and rosy cheeks
smokey lips and cheap champagne
cause all that shits the same

I'm dumb and dull
I feel old and bored
I'm numb and null
I feel weird and worn

baby teeth and cigarettes
and all the dust that we'll collect
fingerprints on photographs
of all that shit we used to have

I'm just too fucked up
Track Name: Hunter
I need you now like a hole between the eyes
but maybe then I could read between the lines
cause after all I'm the smoke inside your lungs
blisters on your tongue, cancer in your lungs

oh darling won't you let me in
I can feel it tearing at my skin

I need you now like a bullet in the brain
but maybe then we could get off of this train of thought
we're rolling off the tracks
we're crashing on the floor
I need you now
I need you now

I can't wait to be patient and I want to be mature
but I'm scared of getting old and just as bored and insecure
I'm not smart enough for romance
I'm too old for playing games
this clock just keeps on ticking as these seconds turn to days
and I wonder what keeps me up at night
is it keeping you up too?
Track Name: Falling
where'd the time go?
I'm left sleepless
I'm so tired
I'm left speechless

falling down
falling to my knees

where'd the light go?
I'm left blinded
I'm so tired
I need guidance

I will not be afraid
Track Name: Bedhead
my heads filled with pot and pills
I find it hard to think
no one needs to know a thing

my hearts filled with blood too sweet
I find it hard to feel
when I wake up I can't tell what's real

my lungs don't work like they should
I find it hard to breath
Track Name: Blondie
smoke rises from the back seat
the sun glares in the dead heat
I don't know what I've been told
there's no cure yet for getting old

there's no use making all new friends

the sun rises from the skyline
smoke hangs in the dead light
I don't know what I've been told
all that glitter isn't gold

you know that they say
keep your head
hold your breath and count to ten
you know what they say
bite your tongue
cause all in all what's done was done
Track Name: Let's Get Into Character
this dial tone keeps singing
and my ears they keep on ringing
now I'm lying in my bed
and I'm lying through my teeth

these sheets become the noose I'll tie
around my neck
don't you think its funny
I'm still choking on your name

the lights are on and so am I
you've got someone on your mind
I'll keep saying I'm just fine
He'll be lying by your side

tomorrow I'll be drunk again
trying my best to forget
cause, darling, I've seen better days
it looks like I'm not getting sleep again